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Let Us Play

Clarissa P. Lewis

All songs written and arranged by Clarissa P. Lewis

Produced by D.K. Owens @ Soundbox Productions

Arranged and coproduced by James Blane, MZIKI Productions

Executive producers: Clarissa P. Lewis and Russell Lewis

@2004 Clarissa P. Lewis

[ Add All Tracks to Cart ] Cost US$6.99
[ Physical CD ] Cost US$8.99
# Track Name Duration Preview Cost +Add
1 Let Us Play 3:03 US$0.79
2 Anything Goes 2:27 US$0.79
3 When I'm Having Fun 1:12 US$0.79
4 Wish for Summer 3:20 US$0.79
5 Show Some Luv 2:15 US$0.79
6 Gummy 2:49 US$0.79
7 Kool Coo Clock 1:36 US$0.79
8 All Aboard 1:54 US$0.79
9 To Bed 3:00 US$0.79
10 Dream 2:16 US$0.79

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